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Early Years team has been celebrating the affectionate 'grand-parents and grandchildren' bond for quite some years now and this year we decided to extend this cherished clique to embrace all the beautiful relationships close to our heart and soul.

We invited parents, grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins, and siblings to the 'EY Family Day 2018' who made a grand audience that excelled our expectations.

The event began with a skit-mime, based on a poignant letter of an old mother to her grown-up children, which for sure, sent many hearts soul-searching; and ended with an endearing message from a child to his mother, seeking her blessings. And in between, there were several priceless pearls, strung on a chord of a single purpose and spirit, that of reliving and strengthening the bonds that keep families and individuals alive, and survive the twists and turns of the unpredictable and mysterious journey called life.

The efforts that went into shaping this event were greatly lauded by all the parents, especially Nursery, as this was their first ever stage and public appearance.

Javed Sir, our new Head of School took this opportunity to introduce himself in his new role and shared some glorious achievements, as well as looming concerns of the E.P.S. family. He called upon everyone present to join together in the crusade of fortifying the bonds within this family and adopt EPS mission as their own mission and become its flag-bearers.


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