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MYP Student Led Conference

A year can do a lot to a person, and everything changes as we grow up, and in our school the students develop a wide variety of skills that have more to do than just the academic performance of a child, it involves their creativity skills, effective communication skill, research skills and many more. It is crucial that the parents be well versed with the development of their wards so that they can understand their child's strengths and weaknesses and can inspire and motivate them to do better and sometimes it is more coherent and beneficial the parents unearth these developments and concerns through their wards. So, on November 3, 2018, EPS organised the annual Student Led Conference (SLC) to stimulate a healthy discussion between parents and their children, the students portrayed their achievements, assessments, and concerns to their parents. This conference gave the students to explain themselves to their parents and also flaunt their achievements.

It was a very enriching and empowering experience to be a part of this conference and talk about my fears and hopes for the future assessments and to hear them talk about the expectations that they have from me.


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