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“The most complete gift of God is a life based on Knowledge.”

The Islamic Quiz in PYP, EPS was conducted on 25th Oct'18. This was a Cock-a-hoop event for everyone in PYP. It was methodical by our students council under the supervision of Islamic Studies Department. It was a competition among the four houses of EPS.

Namely, Haz. Abubakr, Haz.Umar, Haz. Usman & Haz. Ali house.

There were four rounds in the Islamic Quiz, the 1st round was General round in which students answered very enthusiastically to all the questions asked. The 2nd round was the visual round, students were well prepared and recited the Surahs from the Holy Qur'an. The 3rd Round was Rapid fire round, in this round students were asked 10 questions in 120 seconds. Students answered as fast as they could. The last Round was the Buzzer round; that was the most dangerous round; with its tricky questions & negative marking scheme. This competition was very educational for each one who attended it. Mentors worked extremely hard for preparing children for Islamic Quiz. Hazrat Ali (Red house) stood first.

Overall, Islamic quiz was an enormously pleasing event. Such competitions bring excitement and make knowledge fun-filled. And in EPS we love to learn like this!


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