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Early Years Picnic at Sair Sapata

Optimization is one single word that can easily describe the EY Picnic affair.

EY team rescheduled their picnic trip to 9th November 2018 to hit many targets with one arrow, the most significant being, ensuring good attendance on a working day sandwiched between a couple of holidays on either side.

This trip served as a good learning experience as well, for all the three EY classes.

Nursery has just concluded a unit on 'Plants' and K.G.II has just begun theirs. The beautiful and scenic, park and garden of 'Sair Sapata' with its rich variety of plants served as a good exploration site for both these classes.

K.G.I is currently inquiring into 'Visual Language' and the entire to and fro journey, including the time spent in the park, gave them an excellent opportunity and real-life experience to watch out for, detect identify and share with their teammates, an array of visual signs, symbols, and logos that came across.

Although packed with a lot to do in a short day, the students enjoyed every moment of the trip and the old and new attractions at the park.


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