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Hajj Event

With all grandness and fervor, the Hajj Event in Eastern Public School on 22nd July 2018, would have definitely etched on the memory of every one who witnessed it.

Only high spirits to please Allah (SWT) and Taqwa would have done it in such sublimity, Alhumdulillah!

The day started with enthusiastic students, equally spirited teachers and ambivalent weather.

The models and marks showing Kaaba, Muzdalifah, Mina etc stood proud and tall in the green lawn of the school. The event was planned and executed by our Senior Students, supported and guided by their teachers. Each one of them was assigned a duty: from ushering the guests to guiding them towards each station, all was remarkably managed by them. The stage performance by few students was the first, to begin with: Recitation of Surah Mulk followed by Ayahs from Quran related to Hajj and a beautiful nasheed. Each performance was extremely impressive.

The demonstration of the process of Hajj was the next performance in line, which was done in perfection and coordination leaving the audience spellbound. After motivational speeches by Shaykh Dr. Iqbal Masood Sahab, Shehr Qazi Mushtaq Sahab and our Director Mr. Umar Jaffar the visitors moved to different interesting joints namely: Hajj Stations packed with all information, FAQs related to the pillars of Hajj; Virtual Reality zones with virtual tours of places of Hajj, physical games on the process of Hajj ( based on Design thinking)and Meqaat related information presented in the form of displays ( based on “best out of waste”), and games ( based on “Makers' integration”) and then delicious food stalls .

The Hujjaj also attended a know how the session with Shaykh Dr. Iqbal Masood Nadwi Sahab (from Canada) where their queries and doubts were addressed, after which lunch was served to them.

The event was packed with multitudes for everyone, be it parents, hujjaj, students or outsiders.

The teachers were amazed to see the organizing skills of their students and the parents stood proudly with them.

Far from the world, Close to your Lord!

It's time to strengthen the Chord

Sacrifice, Surrender, Peace & Devotion

Confession, Submission & Invocation

Here I Come O my Lord

Here I Come!!!

Amidst this sublime atmosphere, every heart must have said Labbaik! : waiting for their turns in shaaAllah, May Alalh (swt) accept our efforts for lighting this spark (Aameen).


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