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Inter School MUN 2017-2018 @EPS

MUN is the Demi-IIMUN which conducts simulation of Model United Nations and Indian Parliament in different cities.

Eastern Public School hosted its second chapter of inter school MUN on April 7th, 2018. Bal Bhavan School, Sagar Public School, International Public School were the participants in this MUN. Approximately 250 students participated in the MUN. The students of all four schools represented themselves as the delegates of six committees - DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee), LOK SABHA, UNSC (United Nation Security Council) and UNHRC (United Nations Human Right Council).

The delegates of DISEC had their agenda 'Combating illegal Arms', Lok Sabha was arranged with an agenda on 'The Review of four years Modi Government', UNSC dealt with the agenda 'North Korean nuclear program and rising tensions in South Asia' and UNHRC conducted sessions on 'Protecting the Rights of the Immigrants'.

The Inter School MUN was divided into three parts, an inaugural ceremony, followed by MUN sessions and finally the closing ceremony. The inaugural ceremony showcased an informative skit depicting the functioning and protocols of MUN. The students enjoyed their MUN sessions and learnt various procedures like presenting opening statement, raising motions, challenging other delegates, organising moderated and unmoderated caucus, presenting working papers and lastly drafting and passing of resolutions. The prize distribution was a part of closing ceremony followed by an inspirational speech by the Director of Eastern Public School, Mr. Umar Jaffar.

It was a highly enriching and learning experience for all the participants that gave them a platform to hone various skills like communication, research, collaborative and diplomatic skills etc, to help them become active and well-informed global citizens. The entire occasion was exemplary as it was completely students driven and led event.


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