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MYP Islamic Quiz 2018

“When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestowes upon him the understanding of Deen (Islam).” - Bukhari & Muslim

The most awaited event in EPS, the Islamic quiz contest for secondary students was organised on December 16th, 2017. The event was led by the students of grade 11, Riza Shahab, Ayesha Ahmed, Hassan Naseem and Ilyas Khan. The quiz was divided in four rounds comprising General, Audio/Visual, Buzzer and Rapid fire round. All the participants were well-prepared and gave prompt responses with lots of zeal and excitement. Hazrat Abu Bakr House (Green House) was declared as the winner with a total of 145 points followed by Hazrat Ali House (Red House) with a total of 105 points. This quiz was not only meant for competition but also for encouraging students to share and gain knowledge about Islam.

The Islamic Quiz was a clear evidence of the core Islamic teaching and values that EPS has been inculcating among the students.


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