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PYP Math Adventure 2018

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding - William Paul Jhurston

EPS has proved the above saying true! On 19th February 2018, PYP Math Adventure took place in EPS. This platform was provided to the students to showcase their understanding of Mathematics in an innovative and playful manner. Students from Grade 1 to 5 participated in this event and demonstrated their conceptual understanding through presentations, Math Puzzles, Games, tricky questions.

Makers Corner was a unique initiative in the event, giving an opportunity to the students to invent and make something innovative for their learning in Mathematics. Young PYP Mathematicians came up with new strategies for their learning and were very excited throughout the event. Most of the displays were done through recycling of waste materials like papers, cardboard etc. which displays our students’ creativity & concern for the environment.

Presentation of different grades was as follows:

Grade 1 - Presented their learning on shape, space, pattern and functions.

Grade 2 - Presented on fractions and measurement.

Grade 3 - Presented on Shape bingo, Fraction maze, and Data Handling.

Grade 4 - Presented on Area and Perimeter, 3D Shapes and Place Value. Maths trick was a new concept in this adventure by grade 4.

Grade 5 - Presented on concepts of probability and measurement.

Overall the event was very interesting, full of enthusiasm and creativity. It can be named as the Maths Day for kids as they enjoyed learning and teaching Maths to each other using games, puzzles, models etc. It was the best way to let the students come up with innovative ways to showcase their best teaching and learning practices and to display their conceptual understanding.


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