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EPS Grooming International Superstars!

Australian Center of Educational Research (ACER) is a world-class educational research center. It conducts an International Benchmarking Test (IBT) annually to identify and compare the performance of international students in various subjects. This year, more than 50,000 students in over 600 schools across the world appeared for ACER’s internationally respected IBT.

We are glad to share with you the pictures of EPS’ International Superstars who are in top 10% in different subjects like English, Mathematics and Science at International level.

1. Mohammad Ali - Grade III is placed in 98.7 percentile in Science (in top 2% internationally) and 92.9 percentile in Mathematics (in top 7% internationally).

2. Fuzail Ali - Grade III is placed in 97.4 percentile in Mathematics (in top 3% internationally) and 95.6 percentile in Science (in top 4% internationally).

3. Zaina Khan - Grade IV is placed in 95.0 percentile in Science (in top 5% internationally) 90.5 percentile in Mathematics (in top 10% internationally).

4. Areeba Imran - Grade IV is placed in 97.2 percentile in Mathematics (in top 3% internationally).

5. Aisha Bint Ausim –Grade V is placed in 91.3 percentile in English (in top 8% internationally).

6. Noor Ul Jannah - Grade V is placed in 98.4 percentile in English (in top 2% internationally).

7. Mohd Ali Khan –Grade VIII is placed in 93.6 percentile in science (in top 7% internationally).

8. Khizra Taj –Grade IX student is placed in 95.1 percentile in English (in top 5% internationally).

9. Zohair Ansari –Grade X is placed in 98 .1 percentile in Mathematics (in top 2% internationally) and 97.1 percentile in Science (in top 3% internationally).

10. Taha Syed Khalid - Student of Grade X is placed in 97.1 percentile in Science (top 3% internationally).

Besides the above students who came in top 10% in the world, another sixty EPS students are in top 25% internationally!!M

Congratulations to all the EPS prodigies, their teachers and parents!!! Keep working hard. And keep making us proud of your accomplishments.


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