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Early Years Learning fest

January 14th, 2018 marked the tradition of exhibition and celebration of learning in the Early Years and the final year of PYP. The Winter Carnival 2018 began with the 'Early Years Learning Fest' – a highlighted evidence of the EPS's commitment to a transdisciplinary model of education and developing international minded individuals.

This event will go as one of those significant early years learning experiences that lay the foundation for all future learning.

The shaping of the hour-long 'Fest ' took more than a month of rigorous efforts of the entire EY team with a spirit of personal as well as shared responsibilities.

Behind each presentation by the 'Juvenile EPSites' was the mutual, secure and trusting relationship between the teachers and students .

The purpose of this event, on one hand is to enable parents and stakeholders to gain a clear insight into the learning environment in the early years and on the other to give an early exposure to our kindergarteners to interact with familiar and unfamiliar groups and articulate their knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding.

While K.G. II demonstrated the different shades of 'India's cultural orientation', K.G.I communicated the nuances of 'Stories' and their budding skills in language. And our youngest batch – Nursery, had a mixed bag to share.

We were thankful to the overwhelming turnout of parents and guests who made the event well worth the efforts.


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