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MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2017

Personal Project is a rare opportunity for students in Grade 10 (Year 5) to exhibit finesse, knack and passion for a given topic of their interest. The choices were endless. Through their work students substantiate that they have assimilated at least one of the Global contexts into their work, set a target goal, fashioning them as lifelong learners as well as helping them to develop as self-assured and principled individuals. Students explore their area of personal interest, within the given time frame through independent research and inquiry; acquire Learner profile attributes during this individual learning phase and enhance their ATL skills. The Personal Project takes the student beyond their curriculum; it enables them to develop an understanding of themselves as learners.

The students created a wide range of products- Football tutorial, Business Plan, Candles, Cook book, etc. All of these were displayed during a Personal Project Exhibition organized by school on December 9th, 2017 for the benefit of the Grade 9th students, parents, and the larger school community.


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