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Unfolding the Crime Scene

“You are strong when you are aware of your weaknesses.

You are beautiful when you appreciate your flaws.

You are successful when you learn from your mistakes.”

The EPS family learnt this lesson during their assembly “Unfolding the Crime Scene”. This assembly was unique in itself as it taught “How Science Can Be Used to Unfold Crime?” The assembly began with a short but peculiar movie enacted by our students. It was followed by case studies given to a few students from different groups in the meanwhile; the audience was engaged with riddles related to crimes. The entire assembly was guided and supervised by Department of Science.

Loud applauses soon became an inextricable part of our show. Students howled and clapped on almost all of what is mentioned above. The acclaim did not end here. The best part of our show was the concluding behind the scene video. It literally paid off. It evinced all the destressing fun students had, witnessing another perilous but adventurous journey and leading us to another beautiful destination. It minutely disclosed our efforts, our products, our stay backs, our strains, our bravery, and our imperfect perfections.


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