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Early Years Grandparents Day - 2017

Becoming a grandparent is a promotion that never shows in one’s resume but certainly an achievement that graces one’s life. EPS Early Years team invited its grandparents to relive the magic of their own childhood as well as their children’s. The day showcased the big efforts and budding talents of our young scholars. An hour-long event which was aimed at invigorating the bond among the three generations was attended by a fairly big number of families.

Our success manifested as pride and pleasure amongst our guests as every single Early Years student participated in the program. No wonder the eager eyes shone brighter and the smiles stretched ear to ear as different groups of children took the stage.

Audience were overwhelmed when they saw the tiny tots performing with confidence nervousness, boldness, and shyness, screams and whispers, flawless or faux pas. They won the hearts by every expression of love, innocence, gratitude and efforts.

And this year the highlight of the rendezvous of old and young were the Hadiths and Quranic Verses excellently articulated by Haider Sir member of our IS team. These relevant verses not only signified the position and value of parents as dictated by Quran but also focused on our duty of keeping relationships intact from generations to generations.


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