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EPS MUN 2017

EPS conducted an Inter school MUN on Saturday, the 8th of April 2017. Two other Schools Sagar Public and Bal Bhavan also participated. The event witnessed a high level of debating on various national and international issues which helped the children hone their critical thinking and general awareness skills.

The hosts were Grade 12th students of Eastern Public School. They planned, organized and sent invitations to the other two schools. Three UN Committees were set up-DISEC, UNHRC, ILO and the fourth committee chosen was the Lok Sabha.

The event commenced with a traditional opening ceremony, which included welcoming the guests from other schools and explaining the nuances of MUN to them, this was followed by discussions on agendas and issues ranging from the use of science and technology in warfare in DISEC, to addressing the issue of youth unemployment in ILO to a heated discussion on the Uniform Civil Code in LokSabha dealing with the problem of human trafficking in UNHRC to name a few.

The hosts and the visiting school faculty were pleasantly surprised to see the level of engagement among the students and their enthusiasm in making their views known. Though most of the awards namely the Best Delegate of various committees as well as some 'Honorable Mentions' were cornered by the students of Eastern Public School, the visiting schools too felt rewarded at obtaining an in depth understanding of the functioning of MUN committees and the role MUN plays in bringing about a holistic development of our youngsters by improving on their leadership, negotiation and communication skills.M

Holding the first amazingly successful Inter-School MUN was another chapter in the long list of successful Inter-School events being organized by EPS and is suitably aligned with the school's policy of promoting International mindedness to cater to the needs of modern education.


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