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Three Elementary classes and three different themes but one common latent string that ran through these three pearls, was Allah's (s.w.t) Hikmat. Nursery's 'Patterns in Nature' -Seasons/Day and Night props demonstrated Allah's(s.w.t) Hikmat in moving the sun, moon, stars and planets in perfectly coordinated cycles to make them compatible for human sustenance. K.G. 2 reconfirmed the self-sustaining and abundant variety of plants as Allah's (s.w.t) most wonderful gift for human beings.

K.G. 1's role-plays, characters and narrators conveyed a simple message of 'Victory of Good over Evil' with Allah's (s.w.t) help, which comes in the form of angels or humans, sometimes as jinns or dwarfs and sometimes in the form of animals. The tree house area yielded a perfect mystical setting for the beautiful, glittering story props as well as a natural stage for informative plants' displays. E.P.S.'s young and knowledgeable communicators articulated their learning with confidence and displayed a great sense of responsibility.

The presence of parents, families, eminent guests further motivated the young ones to outperform.


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