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When there was joy in understanding and fun in explaining and when the most special bond of the universe got closer through learning, knowledge, and ability.

The entire atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm at the EPS campus. It was when the students of PYP, going farther from the traditionalist form made their parents witness the Students-led Conference on 19th November, 2016. Communicating with parents has always been a special part of teaching and learning experience. At the Students-Led Conference, students interact with their parents and share the learning experiences they had throughout the year.

Here, apart from the old school kind 'PTMs', teachers just play a role of a mediator and students wear the crown. This means that the students are responsible for leading the conference and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents.

On the day of SLC, parents were given a 40 min time slot in which they met their child's home room teacher and the subject specialists.

What a moment it was to see the little learning buds so confidently explaining their portfolios to their parents. For a moment parents were the only kids asking their little geniuses the questions whose answer they would never know (just to be pretending). It was quite a sight for the entire PYP.

The feedback from the parents were overwhelmingly positive.

''My child was able to explain his learning clearly and explained his portfolio confidently. A very informative conference and learning stations were quite engaging and challenging.” Dr Kehkashan Yaqub

At the end the students walked away with their parents happily hand in hand.


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