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Sanchi visit by Grade VI

As part of their ongoing unit on Beliefs of ancient civilizations the students of grade 6 visited Sanchi Stupas (listed as world heritage site by UNESCO). They studied about the beliefs of Buddhists and the importance of Stupas in Buddhism .Great Stupa in Sanchi, which is also the oldest stone structure in India, provided a good learning opportunity for the students to see how the ancient inscriptions look like . Apart from seeing the old structures students collected information about the stupas, the pillars, stone structures, inscriptions etc. from the official guides there using their interviewing skills. They also explored the connection between emperor Ashok’s conversion to Buddhism and construction of Stupas. Students also visited the museums where the historical account of most of the structures is preserved. Overall the trip was an enjoyable and fruitful experience for all of us and it will surely help the students to have better understanding of various terminologies they come across in their study of ancient civilizations.


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