Upcoming Events

(1) Makeology Maker Summit @ EPS on 3 Feb 2018      (2) IGCSE mock begins from 2 Jan 2018      (3) Visit-Samardha Forest (Gr. 8) on 09-01-2018      (4) EY-K.G. Mela and PYP Exhibition on 14-01-2018      (5) IH Basketball Competition on 16-01-2018

MYP Arts Exhibition

MYP Arts exhibition was organized at EPS on 18th March, 2017. The goal of this exhibition was not just to display the creativity of the students but to cater to community and service as well. We have been doing the same from last six years Alhamdullilah. In this exhibition cum sale, the students of grade 6th, 7th & 8th exhibited their hand made art pieces which they made during their different units throughout the year like jewelry, decorated pots, tie & dye, paper art, glass painting, stone art etc. The amount collected from the sale of these items was donated for Project Infaaq.


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