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Twenty-first century businesses seek employees with a host of sophisticated skills. As a result, today's workers require a significantly more advanced education than earlier generations. Beyond the demands of formal education, workers need on-going and timely training to meet the needs of the workplace - and to create opportunities for themselves.

At EPS we are dedicated to create future dream employees by establishing Language Labs, Mathematics Labs, IT Labs and Cognitive Labs.

To ensure a continuously evolving, integrated curriculum, the professional staff led by the director of research and innovation will incorporate the latest findings in research and development from business, technology, and educational institutions. In addition, the school acts as a learning laboratory where staff and students can design, carry out, and evaluate appropriate projects to enhance the teaching and learning process.

EPS has a well-developed and modern IT Infrastructure.  We have:

  • Dell systems with large monitors with low emission rates
  • Safe and secure internet access inside each classroom
  • UPS power supply, and a generator in case of power cuts
  • A Number of top-end digital projectors for students learning and presentations.

Students learn to use Windows operating system, plus Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and some programming skills. They also learn to use digital projectors, web cams and high resolution digital cameras.

This provides them with a sound IT foundation and equips them for their future lives.


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