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Students learn through activities, with the help of toys, painting and arts exercises, picture charts etc. We have a large collection of Islamic and education audio, videotapes and CDs. We use rhymes and stories to teach. Using Islamic songs, children can learn the core concepts of Islam. They become fluent in Islamic etiquettes such as using Alhamdulillah (thank God), Jazakallah (may Allah reward you) etc. at appropriate occasions but above all the popular Islamic greeting Assalam-u-Alaikum (peace be upon you).

We use a number of international teaching tools including WIDE EYE, which helps children to grasp concepts like sizes, shapes, colours and opposites.

Children also recite the duas (supplication) and surahs (Qur’anic chapters) in the pitch perfect Arabic accent with the help of audio CDs.

Lower kindergarten

The Islamic syllabus covers recitation of duas, short surahs & kalmas with qi’rat (recitation). Students memorize the names of Allah (His characteristics), Prophets and Angels. They gain familiarity with basic concepts of Islam with the help of colouring books from internationally renowned Islamic publishers.

Games and physical exercises are an integral part of the syllabus alongside craftwork and classroom activities. Children start to learn Hindi.

Upper kindergarten and above

The Islamic syllabus has two branches: in Arabic there are duas, surahs and kalmas with Qir’at, Adhan (call for daily 5 prayers), and in English there are alphabets, colouring books, names of Allah, rhymes, stories and etiquettes.

Games and physical exercises are included in the syllabus. Teachers prepare role-plays in English and to practice Islam.

The Islamic course gears up as the classes move upwards.


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