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Head of Excellence

Mr. Umar Jaffar, through his illustrious career of 25 years as a teacher and later an academic administrator, believes, as John F Kennedy states, “Liberty without Learning is always in peril and Learning without Liberty is always in vain.” According to him, curriculum cannot be implemented only within the four walls of the classroom; indeed it is only when students are engaged in activities like community service, hands on experimentation, leadership camps, student exchange programs, sports or even travel, amongst many others can learning truly be accomplished. Mr. Jaffar reckons that these practical sessions, when structured properly, allows the learner to discover, build and strengthen his/her character- the crux of education. Schooling, according to him must not be focused on acquiring knowledge alone, but in fact, must encompass the development of self and individual integrity; thus, he espouses what Mark Twain once said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” While he gives due importance to examinations and results, he reiterates that, that should not become the sole aim of schooling; in that when learning is right, the results will also be right.

Though he is a post graduate and research scholar in mathematics, Mr. Jaffar’s love for learning, academics and education in general, converged into teaching. And therefore, he started his career as a teacher at Good Shepherd International School, Ooty, and The Lawrence School, Lovedale and He swiftly created a niche for himself as an excellent teacher, allowing him to scale greater heights professionally. He soon became the IB Diploma Coordinator in The International School Bangalore, and later the Deputy Head and IB Diploma Program Coordinator at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. Next, he became the Principal of Indus International School, Hyderabad and finally, before joining SREI Foundation, he was Principal, Senior School of Pathways School, Noida. Since he has extensive and rich knowledge of both national and international curricula such as the IB and IGCSE, he is not only an IB Examiner, but also frequently leads IB Teams during the processes of consultation, authorization, and evaluation of IB schools.

As the Head of Schools Division, at SREI Foundation, Mr. Jaffar set up schools in West Bengal.

Having served as The Director of Eastern Public School Bhopal, since January 2015, Mr. Jaffar has presently positioned himself as "Head of Excellence in Learning and Teaching" with the special focus on DP development and Excellence in Mathematics across the Curricula.


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